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The Swiss Patient Forum 2019


“The digital patient” – Are patients sufficiently competent in the increasing digitalisation in healthcare? Under what conditions are patients willing to cooperate and make use of the digitalisation? What hopes and fears are associated with this? What wishes and demands can be derived from this?

At the third Swiss Patient Forum held on 25 October 2019, EUPATI CH brought together a vibrant group of patients, representatives, and their caretakers to brainstorm these burning questions in a welcoming atmosphere. During the morning workshop, current topics such as the introduction of the electronic patient record (EPD), the consequences of digitisation in research and possible effects of new digital aids such as health apps were discussed. It became clear that patients and their organisations must be involved in the development and implementation of digital applications right from the start.

In addition to the patient perspective, the Swiss Patient Forum also looked at the topic of the digital patient from the perspectives of doctors, hospitals, industry and researchers. This led to the conclusion of the event that digitisation in the healthcare sector has only just begun and that numerous open questions still need to be answered in order for the full benefits of e-health to unfold for patients.

With plentiful questions and many answers, a warm and collaborative day full of exchanges was enjoyed by all.

Yesterday was an important day for me. I experienced a rare collection of wonderful human beings, and it was good for me as person to be there. All of you were a positive source of energy and inspiration to me” a workshop participant.


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SPF 19- Presentation H Voelkle – EUPATI CH

SPF 19 – Falchetto & Nisato – Patient view

SPF 19 – A Foppa – EPD

SPF 19 – P Bürki – Doctor’s view

SPF 19 – Walther & Ludwig – Pharma view

SPF 19 – J Maurer – Researcher view

SPF 19 – B Widmer – Data protection view

Browse these wonderful photos by DioStuDio capturing the spirit of the day