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The Swiss Patient Forum 2018

What is quality of life for patients? How do we define it, we who struggle with it? And what do we need to improve it, practically?

At the Swiss Patient Forum held on 28 September 2018, EUPATI CH brought together a vibrant group of patients, representatives, and their caretakers to brainstorm these burning questions in a welcoming atmosphere. We discussed family life, persisting pain and fatigue, social integration, access to medication and reimbursement, emotional and physical challenges, peer-to-peer support, information sharing… and more.
For the first time, this event was held in the Swiss-French region, reaching the local francophone community.

In the afternoon, open to the public, debates zoomed in on a crucial aspect of quality of life: patients’ access to the working world. Handpicked speakers gave their engaging and expert perspective on pertinent considerations: the patient–doctor relationship, the employer, legal and psycho-social factors, the view of the pharmaceutical industry, and EUPATI’s patient training opportunities.

One transfixing personal presentation illustrated how intensely these factors can converge in a patient’s life. With plentiful questions and many answers, a warm and collaborative day full of exchanges was enjoyed by all.

Awesome & intense meeting yesterday in Lausanne at the Swiss Patient Forum 2018 about quality of life. Great organisation & participants! I’m grateful.” Alice Grosjean Espinosa‏ @sjogrenCHalice

Workshop report (in French) or (in German)

01_SPF18_Presentation HVoelkle
04_SPF18_Presentation M Cavassini
05_SPF18_Presentation VJunod
06_SPF18_Presentation DCoppex
08_SPF18_Presentation Takeda_Janssen

Browse these wonderful photos capturing the spirit of the day (Photos by Stéphane Etter)