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Max Lippuner

Max Lippuner, founder and president of Europa Uomo Switzerland (EUS, umbrella organisation for men’s cancer, in particular prostate, testicles, bladder and urethra cancer) is a prostate cancer patient since 2007. In 2011 he was elected as the president of the Swiss Patient-Coalition, founded by the cancer league. He is very interested in the Swiss health system, patient advocacy, patient involvement and the patient’s voice of Switzerland.

Diagnosed at the age of 59 with a highly malignant prostate tumor he was treated with a full radiation and enjoyed 10 years of free progress. In 2017 he experienced a recurrence and after the new radiotherapy he is now in good hope of many more years of good health and cancer free times to come.

Max is an engineer in printing and industrial-processes by education and had a very specific career. He worked in the printing industry from the work preparation over machine sales to paper sales and advertising. He run printshops, a database for marketable securities in banks and at the end of his career, was running a renovation firm. Now, in his free time, he works as church voluntary and in social engagement to support patients.

As president of EUS he engages in public awareness about the risks, early detection and treatment of men’s cancer and promotes specific prostate-cancer rehabilitation in Switzerland. The main goal of EUS is prevention, early detection, dealing with cancer and social insurance and minimising surgery risk. EUS is financially supporting patient self-help groups in Switzerland that provide medical and administrative education in Germany and advertising for Uomo-Café as a low level possibility to inform men and women.

The EUPATI Patient expert training gave me a huge basic education for my work in patient-advocacy and as a patient advocate. I understand now how the R&D processes of the Swiss health system are working as well as what is done on the European level”.